Reviews for "Armor Mayhem"

Pretty good game

before i get started here, Let me elaborate some things, first of all i like the effort and the detail, and the idea that you push across the board here, so all that was a Divine and positive way and i liked that and another good game i have come up on here, and nice to see that you won some awards here very well deserving, and there are lots of medals wich are always a plus and it just makes it for a much more fun and entertaining game, I like this because you have a pretty good intro to get this started and that plays a big part of it all, The game is very intense and really fun, lots of fast paced action kind of reminds me of halo hehe anyways really fun game. Flash management is not always easy to do perfectly, but if you can pull it off, and bring it all together, You can push it to the right direction for some fantastic flash sensation.

There are some things that I would like to have seen different, but I think they were intentional so I'm not "taking off points" for them. But i will suggest some little tips and nifty ideas that could make this work even better. The game is real fast paced. maybe you can have things to slow down the pace like special pills that the soldier takes so that you can have slow motion or something.

one of the best games I've seen

Epic, awesome game, just wish there was multiplayer! :D I really like the armour function. :)

Dude make a number 2! This game is one of my faves but its so short!

pretty awesome game, but i wish to color my character, can you do that?