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Reviews for "Armor Mayhem"

super game but i have all medals

"cough" sequel multiplayer on steam green light "cough"


A generic game that has copied many games before it, and yes, I know this is from 3 years ago. The reason this game is crap compared to other games exactly like it is because the game RELIES on you using the spacebar to play. Otherwise, every fight will get laggy, not necessarily fps, but in game controls lag. As in if you stop hitting buttons your player will still do some things for the next 3 seconds because you had hit those buttons a while ago. A pain to play, go find some other game like this.

Yes, this is one of my more sophisticated reviews. Also, to everyone who credits the music, you know he just got it from the audio section. If you enjoy the music a lot, I recommend going to the audio section and searching for music like this.

Coolest Game i ever played
thumbs up!!!!