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Reviews for "Mecharon 2 - Survival"

Nice game!

Man, nice game you have there.
In the first look, i was thinking that is a repetitive shooter that is a copy of other shooter, but the perk system is wonderful! You can continue playing without getting bored.
The only worse thing is the graphics(but they are not bad! Is just the worse thing).
They are constructive and "simple" at the sime time, and i think this battleground isn't good at all.
Well, you have my 5/5. Keep going :D

episodeent responds:

Thank you very much!!!


Tight graphics and animation, interesting style. Good attention to sound design. appropriate difficulty. Awesome upgrading system- reminded me of Fallout 2 lol. My only suggestion is to make the ammo display a little more visible- either a brighter color for the bullets or something- a very small tweak, regardless, Great job!

episodeent responds:

thank you very much. I fixed hundreds bugs this week since I uploaded it on kong and I relly tired to fix and tweek this game ;)

Just my style!

I love anything involving mechs. And if I didnt have to go to class, Id try and beat it. But this is a very fun game!

episodeent responds:

Thanks you very much!


This is a really fun game


My new favorite game to play! Great for when I've had a bad day at work!