Reviews for "Evasion: Addictive Escape"

Really Good Game

This Is A Game That Can Be Addicting! I could Play It All Day, It's A Challenge To All Gamers Out There. I Like The Idea That The Ball Follows You Around, And That You Can't Touch Anything.


Ive been sitting here for a minute trying to beat the damn 50 sec...This is addicting and difficult

woooo! woooooooo!

Seventeen STOLE THE MOUSE from me and played this about a dozen times before I could steal it back and write this review. This says something, I think. None of us got past the Tetris pieces-- love that they move like Tetris pieces.

Minor itsy-bitsy tweaks:

1) Add a mute button. The music and sounds aren't bad, but as Twenty-One says, everything ought to have a mute button.

2) Fade the white circle in the middle of the background to a light gray, it's bothering the eyestrain I got from looking at that damned orc-findy game.

3) Seventeen says that the fire trails on the rockets shouldn't kill you because "they don't LOOK like they should." Dunno about that one, but you *might* play with making the rockets a hair smaller.

enjoyed it

different lvl's would have been nice, would have added alot more replay value aswell

Simple yet challenging gameplay!

Playing with the mouse is a struggle, it is a little bit easier with a pen tablet. It just keeps getting more and more confined, loved it!

Where did you get the music and SFX from? The music sounds so familiar.