Reviews for "Super Palo"


Could be better but it is the best stick animation that i have seen on newgrounds


Way better then all the other stick animations out there....all the other ones are the same freakin style and the same stupid fighting other stick plots, just wish it was longer xD very nicely done the part I like most about it is the way it was animated 8D


the smoke isd fart gas ROTFLMAOWDC (WDC=While Drinking Coke) :)


The flash was awsome but it was too short I can see a seris to this!!!


...cartoons like this make me want to start up cartoons that require more frame by frame techniques. FBF offers less restriction in what you can do but requires a different skill set. I've been trying to find this flash for a few days as reference to how stuff should look in fbf environments. But anyways, I really enjoyed watching this toon again; the only complaint I can find is its briefness, and how I wanted more. Good job on this cartoon. I look forward to any other movies you come up with.

...I'll be waiting.