Reviews for "*Flight*"

Nice game

Great game. Nice music and gameplay. But like others have said there are a fre glitches.

All the right stuff!

While this game type has been done before and presented in different ways, I believe you managed to hit the target spot-on! Everything comes together in such a way as to complement the other aspects of the flash. Controls are simple and the tips are not intrusive. The music and the little cut-scenes set a pleasant mood.
Graphics are also well done. Cool stuff all around and I had a blast playing it! Thank you!


Really fun game and I like the upgrades as well.

Very Fun

I enjoyed almost everything for the most part. The cinematic story moments are funny and worthwhile to watch. If I was to complain it would be tossing the plane. I play on a Mac and when I throw off the screen it stays put. Happens quite a bit actually. Other than that great game.

PS: I liked the Toss the Turtle easter egg.

8 Days for London is pretty tough but definitely do-able. Just focus on buying control/rocket and then bouncing on all the Windmills!