Reviews for "*Flight*"

#5642 out of 92000 all time speed score

This was an awesome game!

Not much to say specifically about the game itself, but I'd like to point out that no quality control exists, and would be great for those using older machines, like me.

I had the game lock up on me a couple of times for whatever reason...thankfully the save state allowed me to close and re-open the game where I was at .

I got the award for clearing Kenya in under 26 days, but the medal is still locked...I'm not sure if that is a one-time thing, or if this medal doesn't work.
Guess I'll have to play the game again to find out!

(For the record, I cleared the entire game in 20 days....so I did earn the award)

Finally, I liked the cameo appearances....very fitting.

It's very stable, pretty smooth, and fits well along with the other high-tier "Toss" games out there.

Mystery upgrade

It's a freaking transformer that rampages around Tokyo and shoots lasers.

So good!

This game is really fun and addicting. I like the upgrade system.

Curious about the in game musical track. Is that an original track by you? It sounds kind of like the style of Yoko Shimomura (Kingdom Hearts). I absolutely love it though.



the only thing that makes this game great is the music. Concept? Ordinary. Story? Ordinary. Gameplay? Ordinary. Music? Extraordinary.

The music is what keeps me playing.

Awesome game

Came back from my aircraft design class, saw this game, and man, it is so fun!!!

My only complaint is that if you go far enough in 1 flight (I obtained 9k+ meter in one), you can overflow so much that in theory, you should "skip" the next town. So have your game engine count the distance you did after changing the town...