Reviews for "*Flight*"


well I dont know if the game is addicting or if its just the soothing music they added to the game that makes you wanna keep on playin!


Wow, I love your french. You must have ACED that class in high school... xD

The menu music is just soothing and wonderful. A wonderful relaxing game yet intense as the upgrades go along.

I understand about others who dont enjoy the music after a while.
But the other day it just came into my head when the music begins..
"throw jonny :)...throw.."
Invent, inject that magic of the game after 2 years and those little words just seem to bring more joy.

Enough of my personal view of the game , the graphics is very simple but i enjoyed the story from begininning to end ( if you can remember what each letter says ).
Its just clean joyful fun :) Everytime i want to feel free.
I throw. :) and glide

Very Addictive, very well made. Great programming.
Only thing is that it would lag when there's lots of things happening at the same time.
That doesn't stop me from rating 5 stars though. Great game!

This is my go to game. Simple enough that you're not spazzing out playing it, but immersive enough to keep you playing. A classic time burner that I've been playing for YEARS. 5 stars