Reviews for "*Flight*"

Fun game, the medals don't work anymore though!

I accidentally throw it backwards and the game crashed

fun game i did play it when it came out shame you can,t reach space though

Splendid. The art was solid and I couldn't wait to see the next charming animation after each level. The game runs for the perfect amount of time; if it were any longer it would have to drag on, and if it were any shorter it wouldn't be satisfying enough. I didn't even discover space stars until I was in Japan. I found myself impressed with the selection of upgrades, and managed to max out everything before I beat the last level, which I am pretty happy about. The only problem with this game are the occasional bugs, such as certain medals not being rewarded to me on Newgrounds, or one or two glitches that I had to refresh my browser in order to fix. Otherwise, this game was truly worth my time. Nice job!

dat upgrade xDDD