Reviews for "*Flight*"

Lots of fun !

Enjoyed this very much. Something different than blasting things out of a cannon or smacking with a baseball bat. The side story was great to have in the game and the art and music were fantastic. Fantastic !!

Game rocks!!!!!!!

Medals made this game wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great game.

I liked the options for upgrades, the different backgrounds and the overall concept. The only annoying thing was the music did not change (beyond the difference from in menu and in game music). Over all a very fun game though.

Very addicting!!

Good job this is a good game and until so far I havent seen any flaws or glitches that annoys my gameplay:D Keep it up dude!!

so pretty and intresting.

i love the simplicity of this game.
great job on everything, graphics, sound, controll and all around is a great product.