Reviews for "*Flight*"


This game got me entertained for at least a hour.

I REALLY liked the music, although i wish there was a different track, after some time you get bored of it, or perhaps had the same song split into different sections.

The graphics were pretty good, but looks like it had some major lag everytime i played a new level for the first time, but then after the first it would dissapear.

I couldnt get all the achievements since that would take WAY too long, and theres like no replay value after you beat it once.... perhaps some unlockables next time?

Overall pretty good game, keep on with the good work.

Fun, but...

Extremely fun, but very very glitchy.


well I dont know if the game is addicting or if its just the soothing music they added to the game that makes you wanna keep on playin!


Amazing game! I can't stop playing it

SPOILER ALERT! the mysterious upgrade makes you turn into a bouncy headgehog when you hit the ground

Absolutely Fantastic

This is the best game I've played of it's genre.

It is balanced, fun, and memorable. The system of both powering up and advancing stages is perfect, and the little things like the mystery item keep it fun.

But the best thing about this game is how the player is required to actually control his plane, not just use all of his/her power ups at once in the beginning to get as much height and speed as possible. The jet streams and max speeds of the planes prevent that. And the fact that controlling the plane is easy but requires a learning curve makes this game even more enjoyable.

The addition of the cute plot and smooth graphics make this game an easy 10/10.