Reviews for "*Flight*"

Good stuff

Thoroughly enjoye this, simple and fun piece of work. Want to waste a mindless hour or two? Well, this is your game. Great soundtrack and artwork to compliment the game.

So good!

This game is really fun and addicting. I like the upgrade system.

Curious about the in game musical track. Is that an original track by you? It sounds kind of like the style of Yoko Shimomura (Kingdom Hearts). I absolutely love it though.


Almost perfect

love this type of game and you made a high class one! The homage to toss the turtle was inspired. In fact this game was ALMOST perfect..

Found a bug/cheat:

Throw the plane backwards - as long as you have the emergency booster you can boost out of the stall and fly forever at one altitude! Just don't click the game again!

I stopped once i was over 9000

Sod it... i'll still give you a 10


love the game and the MYSTERY UPGRADE! but for me i didnt get any achievements or medals during the whole game :( but i still love it!:)

Sick game, awesome music, and...

The secret upgrade transforms you into the Toss the Turtle randomly when you hit the ground.