Reviews for "*Flight*"

great game.

Awesome game...good artwork but -2 because medals are not working....at least not in my case.


How do you stall in a game? I kept trying and trying but failed

Awesome game!

I absolutely loved it! Didn't experience any of the bugs people are complaining about, except for the throwing backwards one (but why one would throw it backwards is a mystery - were they trying to get to Japan via the other side of the world? My only issue is I couldn't find a button to get back to the menu - maybe that was just me, but if it's there maybe it could stand out more?


It was a very nice game. Made me play it twice.

- Achievements were fun to get.
- Upgrades were many, and they mattered (even the mystery one).
- The animations were a nice touch.

My only problem is that at some point, it stopped registering my achievements. This was...it was very disappointing. The first time trial (8 days) was not easy to get, so it really sucked when I did it and it registered in-game but not on my account.

Again, it tells me the achievement was unlocked in-game, but it doesn't register on my account. Only reason 9 and not 10.

Don't worry though, this still gets a...

5 out of 5

From me.


damn.. some of the music reminds me of KH! Its design as a simple game is great! XD