Reviews for "*Flight*"

DUDE, amazing artwork calming music awesome mechanics
I played this game 3 years back, what nostalgia!
still great game it is truly a piece of art.

I love the art work in this awesome game.

Yes! I completed the Game and also Great Game!

I love this game, this is one real game, the music and paper airplanes are AMAZINGS !

Brings me one nostalgia of i here one kid, i want travel the world with one paper airplane. Good Times

(English erros: please i'm sorry i am Brazilian)

Beautiful game.

Simplistic music and an enjoyable delight on a simple "click and throw" type game. I loved the fact it's paper airplanes that we are using to throw. Now if I could only throw an airplane that far in real-life, now that would be killer! Hahaha.

Above all great work, I enjoyed every aspect of this game. It has a great fun-factor, that is for sure!

Keep it up.