Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"

A bit boring but...

I like the idea, and the ending song made me lol, the main character has a sick face and voice.


It was not a bad game, idk, it just seemed kinda to easy for me, not much to the game, pretty simple, but yet it still can manage to keep your attention. But in honesty its a better game then i could make ^_^ So the minus stars are just cause I get bored rather quickly. Well done none the less.


interesting concept

Managed to do it in 27 days

Fun, interface works well

Buildign my own dungeon gave me good memories of some old games i used to play.

Nice work.. and nice song at the end.

Hrm Not Bad

This Game Is Fun....The Song is A Tad pestering The Game Could use Some Graphic Improvement The Chars....Well It Needs A Number 2 Next Time Though If you Do Make this in a 2 Try To Upgrade The Fight Animation But Still... Its fun.