Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"

clerics and rogues?

oi mate great game but why are the only classes that appear to me rogues and clerics? I've got like 4 clerics and 2 rogues, while the tips tell me a bout Paladins and I saw(after I bought a floor) a 'barbarian' in my party, but when I started the raid, he changed into a cleric too...
is this a bug or are the other classes kongregate only? Because you should mention that if they are



That's silly...

The game itself was ok, nothing really special about it...but that song at the end made absolutely everything worthwhile! If you put a silly song like that at the end of each of your games, regardless of the game itself, you'll have a hit every time!

Nice game

Mabye the characters are not very intelligent but the game is nice.

geographical skill

you lost points because the a.i. were idiots, and couldn't find the exit.
also, for a game where you design your own dungeon, this is very linear.