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Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"


Very original game, i loved it, it's pretty addicting and has an apropriate difficulty, it also has a good playtime and makes you replay it over and over again (i just fiished it and i'm going to play it again and again.). Good Work! You deserve a full 10'o 10!!

10'o 10!

great concept

finished gold after 2 tries... two very long tries....


This game is completely original, addictive, and allows players to use their imaginations! I really enjoyed playing it, and even though it took about 6 hours of my day... *cough cough* I regret nothing! The ending song was hilarious! Dungeon crawling other people's maps can also be fun.

I suggest you add some more material, like coin stashes, that allow players to personalize their dungeons even more. More classes would be nice, too! Maybe (a) miniboss(es).

Also, when a hero sells an item, you should have to pay them for it. That is, unless you made item selling to be a top-notch income.
(I'd post all of this on Kongregate, but I don't have an account.)

Different and entertaining

I found this well-designed and well-balanced. If I had a small complaint, it would be that the tutorial/instructions at the beginning could have been a little clearer - it took me a false start to work out properly what was going on (possibly I'm just a bit stupid). Adventurer AI seemed fine to me - surely the whole point of the design stage is to put the empty tiles and gold arrows in the right places... The magic items improved at a decent rate, and required some actual decisions to trade off offence and defence. The 'Stop' button mechanic was a good frustration-saver.


great game 100%
awesome 0%