Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"

clerics and rogues?

oi mate great game but why are the only classes that appear to me rogues and clerics? I've got like 4 clerics and 2 rogues, while the tips tell me a bout Paladins and I saw(after I bought a floor) a 'barbarian' in my party, but when I started the raid, he changed into a cleric too...
is this a bug or are the other classes kongregate only? Because you should mention that if they are

played it on kongregate

the difference between there and here, is that u didnt spam this site with games o3o

Please give me equal buy and sell rates

It is pointless to let me spend 2 gold on a new dungeon tile, only to buy it back for one. I keep accidently double clicking, and wasting far more money than I should.

Very addictive

Man this is a fun game. Simple and hard. A very effective combo.
Lets see good things:
The music didn't get too boring.
Very challenging to keep the Hero's alive while still making things difficult.
Flowed really well

Things I would change:
The ability to sell items out of the shop. ( I know you can remove them while Heroes are in the dungeon but I would have liked it if I could remove magical items after the dungeon is cleared.)

Favorite moment: Every part of this game except one.

Least Favorite moment: When that character you have spent some time leveling wanders around a level for 2 min getting his health back up then gets wiped out on the next floor cause the party took the one route that passed all the minions.

Good game keep them coming


This game could be nice but there are a lot things that you could add to the gameplay. For example, sometimes the adventures are friggin stupid and walk from left to right, from left to right, from left to right and ignore a tunnel that they could walk along. But if you lay a coin there that makes em walk down there, they cant get up again and are stuck in this tunnel... wtf?