Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"

Approached the game all wrong.

It took me a good 30 minutes to realize the object of the game wasn't to kill the adventurers.

Probably should've read the instructions and description, but ultimately liked it better my way.

I'm proud to say that as I'm writing this, I have three adventurers at level 0 and no one above level three even though I've unlocked the fifteenth floor. Suck it adventurers!

Holy Cow! A Grand Perspective!

Wow. That was so much fun. I ran through the entire game all the way out to the very end and much like Henry, I missed the dang platinum by one day. I unlocked the bottom floor one day after platinum though -.- And the dragon died VERY quickly.

**spoilers here**

i loved the song at the end was so funny totally worth beating the game just to hear it. You should unlock the song when u beat the game to listen to it again whenever you want.

There are some issues about the game the paladins are better than the other classes by far, every other class die too fast. Rogues were the second best, at the end these two were the only classes i managed to survive, but in the last room only the paladins survived to kill the dragon.

More issues:
-You should really improve the other classes.(more hp, resistances, dodge, anything that makes them survive longer).
-There should be a way to remove equipment without the need to delete it.
-Rogues should move faster than other classes that way they can actually try to disable the traps before the others come.

hehehe, great!

Great game! It made us have a real objective, try hard to put the adventurers through living hell and make them level up, get more equips and gold to create more floors.
I loved the song in the end of the game. It made me laugh.
I was giving it an 8, but you get 10 and a 5 for the song :P


Great idea, great execution!
I missed platinum by one day, I'll have to come back tomorrow and try again!