Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"

Awesome !!!

This game is EPIC! The concept was so fun playing. I really want another dongeon developper. Great Game!

ABsolutely f***ing GREAT

Great idea and wow wtf very good concept!

Those gloves...

Besides the fact that those gloves only fit severely disfigured hands, this is a very fun and interesting game.

that was great :)

a new perspective. i like it alot. i beat the dragon with a paladin mage rouge and warrior. the classes survivability depends on what you give them. really great game


Extremely fun! I enjoy this a lot!
It's great, and the idea while not the first time I've seen it is definitely the best rendition I've seen in a good while!

My one complaint is that the resurrection items do not work in dungeon crawl mode. Thus having one is utterly useless.

Apart from that, EXCELLENT!