Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"

Loved it

It had annoying bits in it, like the fact the idiot AIs would either steal all your money by hitting Gold tiles, or frustrate you by looping around in a circle.
The Song it was well executed, perhaps not such a scratchy voice on it next time?
was hoping it was longer than 15 levels, I'll say it Bluntly, if this was longer, it could be sold, and you'd make heaps.


I didn't find it really amusing and everything seemed very random. I really liked the idea of being a "dungeon master" but it seemed more to be like the dungeon manager: the floor itself gives you a few spaces that, idealy, will all be explored. I never had a problem with the characters dying and they are so dull that I didn't knew how to guide the with the coin bags... Good idea, poorly executed...

You had a town!

Great game, very original idea hopefully we can hope to see more.


This.. Game... rocks.....
I would've made it longer, though.
Make a second one!!

Awesomely Entertaining!

This game is great in every single aspect.

You have to realize which would be the best way for the heroes to clear the different floors in order to complete the game as fast as possible without having to unnecessary gold. I actually found it challenging and surprisingly addictive.

I just found opne single mistake:
Due to the level cap to access certain floors, if you happen to have a level 16 character the character will not be able to access any level, not even the Dragon's.
So on my second run I ended up having 3 characters not being able to access level 15.

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