Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"

I am just honest

The game was good and all but it gets boring fast.Its like some kind of puzzle or strategic game.And all of my adventurers cant seem to finish level 2 and the stupid wizard keeps going around in circles which is annoying.Now i can see why this game got daily 5th place....Because its not addictive and amusing to me. Well thats the truth about how I think about it..This will probrally get a useless review anyway. And to all the honest guys out there. Express your opinion by writing the TRUTH in the reviews..some might write "Good game" but in their minds they are thinking "Blam this piece of shit! I rather masturbate than play this". Yeah. that happens alot. Ok thats all for now ~Mazuto

That was fun!

It took a while, but now I´m really hooked. Only got the silver, so I´ll have to play it again.

Great game...

Couldn't stop playing this game...
Last night I said to myself: "I think I'm going to bed early today..."
4am and still playing.
By the way, the ending song: AWESOME!!!

Very Good work

Highly Addictive game that was a joy to play, would love to see this game expanded on

Truly Great

There were very few glitches, and everything was organized very well. This was awesome, and the difficulty was just right. Getting platinum was hard, but not impossible (day 23!).