Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"


It was not a bad game, idk, it just seemed kinda to easy for me, not much to the game, pretty simple, but yet it still can manage to keep your attention. But in honesty its a better game then i could make ^_^ So the minus stars are just cause I get bored rather quickly. Well done none the less.

Loved it

This game entertained me through this entire week. I wasn't able to play non-stop through it, but since it auto-saved I could just whip out my laptop and play whenever ^^

I was ready...

to give this flash game an 8 but I waited till the end and...BANG!!!That ending song was so awesome and hilarious it would just be a shame not to give this submission a 10.Great job,please keep them coming I like your animating style!


Good game, but badly designed UI.

I didn't know what to do for the start, and whenever i try to make the adventurers not just do level one they don't bother. A game as confusing as this needs a tutorial rather then a as you go style thing.

I have no words

i dont now what to write in this review. this game is just great.