Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"


i really like this game it kept me amused for a while defenitly play again

it took me a while

its okay but its irretating that when your dudes die they get back to the start oh yeah and i got gold on first try:D

Could Have Been Better

When you get a new guy make him level 7 or nine not 0! the pain lessans when you upgrade but you could fix it. also why so many anti-undead items? you rarely use them because the are basiclly useless.
but the Endong song? makes up for most of the flaws from it's EPICNESS

It was good... Until it started bulls***ing me.

Dude, it looked great. I played for ages. But when i got to dungeon level 9 or something, a few of my characters didnt go through to the next level. I made sure they passed through gold, they were the right level, everything. nope, just poof, back to level 0. Also, when you add a new character, could they not be level 0? All it means is they tag along behind and do nothing.

Potential, but poorly executed. 6/10

Thank you much!

This game was really good.
It'll tide me over until Calypso's Dungeons comes out.
Arrgh, this is good.
I love dungeon designers...