Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"

Dungeon Hack eat your heart out!

Awesome fun, great perspective, and rather addicting!

kinda confused

The only thing it will let me do is purchase floors. When I click on a tile it does nothing.

At this point I'm stuck because the people aren't leveling up they're just going through

Brilliancy, Now comes in 2,4MB packages.

For a flash game, It's as much a true-to-the-genre Dungeon Maker game as it can be.
It's pretty much as balanced as it can be, a good challenge, could get medals based on the ending recieving score (Days taken) as another motion to play the game.

I think I might have had fun.

My review is still too long for this space?! I'll just put it on pastebin.

pastebin [dot] com/FKch1ZkB

Here's a few tiny pieces of it so this review has something more than a link:

"It would've been more fun if there was a min + max number of enemies, etc. you could place, and maybe a few guidelines like "Don't block off the traps"."

"Why do they go in the same loop OVER AND OVER AGAIN, forcing me to stop the round and hope more gold can fix it? You'd think they'd stray from their preferred path once or twice, but they don't. It's like an aquarium full of idiots who won't even blow bubbles or hide in fake seaweed."

"I was a little excited to try Dungeon Crawler." ... "On my first attempt, I did everything on the first floor except touch the one gold tile I had to place... and I failed. I probably missed something telling me to collect all the gold. On my second attempt, I was almost at the dragon, but I walked through a blue portal by mistake. On my third attempt, probably going to be my last, I almost killed the dragon, but decided it wasn't worth my time to finish the job."


I feel like a dungeon master already!!!!

Dungeons and Dragons anyone? i like this concept, you don't have to work for hours on plot and stuff, awesome!