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Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"

Nerdook! Good job!

Inventive little game

i really love this game!
the characters are sooo cute!!
i love the gameplay song, even if its a bit repetitive!
and the ending song! omg >w< i wish i could download it, do you have a link to download it? c:

the only thing i think it's bad are those traps , they killed my level 15 paladin i had since the begining :,c
now i miss him TwT

but i love this game!

maybe a sequel? that would be hyper awesome! ^^
5 / 5


great game 100%
awesome 0%

i think the game is really good and addictive. but my main issue with the game are the Traps, they seem to take far too much health on the Adventurers, in fact every Adventurer i use always gets killed by the traps and nothing else. this kinda makes Rouges overpowered as it is possible for a Rouge to go from floor 1 to 15 so easily because of their immunity to traps. whilst i can simply make the dungeons avoid traps, it eventually becomes near enough impossible to do so at the last set of floors

so while i love the game and i play it everytime i'm on break from my comics and fan-fics, i think in a sequel or update on the game, the game should either have less traps or they do less damage