Reviews for "Flutterbies"


I'll be honest with you - I have no idea what I'm supposed to do.
I love it. Please make more <3

no summary

Hey, where'd the music come from? I really enjoyed it.
Thanks for your submission.

Charcoa1 responds:

Put it together myself. Some VSTs and effects can make something fairly cool.


I can see plenty of time and effort went into this, The problem at the moment is that its a little bland. Maybe you could show the players current score in the top corner during play, or add an objective system. Either way, It looks and flows great.

Im only giving a 8 at the moment because of the things mentioned earlier, but there is always room for improvement.

And shame on everyone saying it doesnt deserve a place on newgrounds. The motto is EVERYTHING by EVERYONE. Get your heads from your backsides.

pretty good

the concept is interesting, but it needs to be kinda fleshed out. it needs some instructions or something, and a definite objective. i did like the style, though.

What am I doing?

Does it matter if I let them fall?

is it good to go off the side or not? What do the symbols mean? Are they good or bad?

What is the point? Am I supposed to collect the dots or no?