Reviews for ">==Moonlight Sonata==<"


This sounded great, very erie. I never knew that this piece would shine on guitar as much as it does on piano! Also, I loved the little background choirs and sound, they really supliment the whole piece.

Great job, this is an awsome display of your other side. I look forward to hearing more stuff form you!


rocker206 responds:

Hey thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

Different instrument, different mood

You make beethoven's masterpiece sound like a mysterious scene in a cowboy movie. Wow!
You have my 10!

nice one

i love the proper piano version and always have but this is still great,nice remake

oh wow

never heard a guitar version of this awesomeness :)


all i could find was a techno remix of this song. this is the right epic idea. nein to those other noobs who cant remix it, you got it good. fav, listen to it all the time now. balls to u, fine sir. (i think its a compliment wen u add fine sir oto it, but im not shure)