Reviews for "Devotion"

This is as minimalist as you can get. I've read photo captions longer than this game.

You got an unfair 5. My wife's sleeping right next to me and I didn't see any of that coming.

Good art.

It's too short and the music is over-dramatic and annoying, but it is well designed and good to play (difficulty, controls). Does it have any 'meaning' or is it simply about love?

Great work. Simple and direct.
The music was well-chosen - it's full of feeling.
The dificulty level keeps it challenging enougth - I died several times due to "wrong jumps".
I also liked the fast reload after each death. Not boring at all.

Like yours, my first game (Luiz & Bruna, id 602700) was also a love story.
Keep working!

you have a heart of gold. this game sums up my point. i will die before i am separated from my wife. that is when i get married.