Reviews for "Devotion"

Oh my fucking god.
I really don't see what any of you find in this game. They become a couple *?* and then they kill themselves. The only message I saw was "Suicide is SOOOO romantic!"
That's not a message you should tell people.

*Plus controls were horrible and you were punished if you didn't jump in just the right spot.*

pretty good

I loved the amazing narrative, the graphics and the awesome music! the only thing that let it down was the touchy controls but apart from that, Great Game!!!

Great game but lacks gameplay(much like every art game around hehehe). really. liked the music thought

Good art based game with a message!
I really like the minimalist graphics, and the atmosphere of the whole game.
I only wish it was a bit longer. But for your first game, this was great.
Now you only need to keep making games, since this was released way back in 2011!
Keep up the great work!