Reviews for "Devotion"

The gameplay was simplistic, yet the aura was very sweet and humble in it's own regards. I think that, rather than "romantic suicide," the game is about devoting yourself to someone, and making sure that they are happy and not alone, even when they are close to killing themselves. About that sense of affection that you have when you're consoling your buddy and not giving up on seeing a smile on their face!

I think I'm a bit silly but whatever. Loved the game and the music!

By giving this no stars and saying whoever thinks suicide is romantic is horrible, you are giving Romeo And Juliet no stars, and saying Shakespeare is horrible. The thing is, Shakespeare also wrote The Tempest, about how a man gets everything taken away from him and when he finally has the chance to get his revenge, he forgives everybody who ever wronged him. The artist isn't horrible for portraying a character. Liking Game Of Thrones doesn't equal approval of the horrible things those people do to each other, it's just a bloody good story. And this story is good too, because it surprises you using only six colors and the word "help." I enjoyed it.

i found a glitch: when the rockfalls, stand and fall through the little bump on the left, then head left.

I don't really want to jump to conclusions here, and I'm neutral on the whole story narrative and game play of this.

The game artist probably doesn't want us to think that suicide is romantic and so on. Well, In my opinion, the artist is trying to convey to us, that love is eternal, as they said, 'till death to us part'.

The ending part was quite confusing, to be honest. Had to replay it to understand.

Anyways, the artist hasn't really cleared the doubts if the message was on romantic suicide or if about eternal love, but hey, everyone has their own opinion. 4/5 Stars for me. :)

Oh God. How in this world suicide can be a sign of devotion? Affection, get attached, make bounds and most of all self preservation are signs of devotion if we love someone.
If who you love jump to dead, you don't have to jump afterwards to prove your love. If the person really love you, they never will want any harm for you. Love is protect each other too.
But the graphics are cool and for that, 2 stars.