Reviews for "Ancient Powers NX8"


an awesome game, i loved the gameplay and the retro style. too bad i couldn't find the ending #1

Couldn't find it.

For the life of me, I wasn't able to find the second boss. I swear I looked all over the map, but was unsuccessful.


had alot of trouble working out that key thing but overall real good game, if only the grammar and the system of getting more skill points from more damage u give its be an easy 10.

and to those people stuck on getting the second key it has something to do with maxing out a skill type and using it on something

To those having trouble...

To unfreeze the first guy, maybe your attack is just too, how shall I say, POWERFUL *hint* *hint*

Overall, a nice little game that, while not great, is pretty good for just one screen. Took me a minute to figure out the upgrade screen (didn't know you could take points out *wink* for example), but all in all, a good way to burn a half-hour.

I eagerly await your next project.

4/5 9/10


So I got the fire powers and the key, but there's no other key and nothing else to do. Too bad, I was kinda having fun up until that point.