Reviews for "Ancient Powers NX8"

Maxed out

Maxed out all aspects of the fire, cannot unfreeze guy on right, cannot progress further....ridiculous


how do you upgrade

Hiya guys

the game it self is pretty good but it starts to get a bit boring for me

platforming lacking

I had been slow to move in playing the game largely because of a lack of platforms enabling ease of movement with or with out status improvements. If you fixed this up such that it was more accessible and added 3-5 medals for endings and the like, I'd return with a greater publicized rating.

Nice game

But it could really use a save feature... I got stuck on the part after freezing the 4 creatures to use as stepping stones, then going down the ladder to a bit with a creature that I could freeze, but couldn't use as a stepping stone up to the next level.. or get enough height/bounce/velocity/whatever weird combo is needed on my shots to hit the block under the water. Figure I'd come back to it later.

Anyway, no save feature, not burning 15 minutes retreading old ground.