Reviews for "Ancient Powers NX8"

Nice game

I finished it 2 times and got the 3rd ending both times.
Time's too tight...


Well, to me it seems like one of those "WTF AM SUPPOSED TO DO!!!" But, it was pretty fun. I looks like you made it in game maker lol.


Great game with the classic sprites and good in-game music(though became annoying after a while), but got glitched after you get past the part where you have to freeze 4 manta-ray thingies to jump across to a cliff go down the ladder. yet another manta thingy even I can't freeze it but it's either where the guys foot hits the ledge and he falls down or its frozen too high up. Please make jump a tad bit higher!


You must suck at adventure games like this, he says that the fire hurts him, so if you lower the damage on the fire to 0 points then it thaws him out. Jesus, man. Anyway, this game is pretty fun; I'm not a fan of how the creatures are in areas where there's no room to shoot them, though.

Very nice game.

As always, retro games are awesome, since most of them have an amazing story, amazing gameplay, and awesome graphivs, just like this one. Incredible piece of art, i found all the endings, for me, the best one is ending 1-3, but all of them are a little sad. Anyway, magnificent game, you deserve a...

10'o 10!