Reviews for "Ancient Powers NX8"

Really good

There are a few things I didn't like though:
1) Freezing the enemies to jump on them was a pain in the arse as it left so little room for error.
2) The level up was a little broken, I just sat shooting the same two green blobs for a few minutes and maxed out my powers. Exp should have only been given for progressing the game (like with pickups or something).

Dont judge a book by its cover

At first I thought, one screen?! And then, wow, was I impressed. Just the fact that you made such an engaging game in one screen is success enough, but the game mechanics, 8-bit graphics and diversity - platforming, puzzles and boss fights - were also well done. I enjoyed the leveling up aspect as well. And to top it all off, you threw in some replay value with 3 endings. Goes to show games don't have to be complex to be awesome. My only criticism's were the translation was a little off (not your first language, so can't really dock you there), and the hit detection was somewhat of an issue when getting hit. Well done sir!

one screen game

I really enjoyed how involved this game was for never leaving the screen. Granted, that was because the whole thing is pretty tiny, but that didn't matter. I also loved how you often had to fine tune your shot parameters so they would reach where they were supposed to. I haven't finished the game yet after making it to the final piece before all the chaos but even that part was a nice surprise. It's like a whole other level once all of the platforms/ladders/enemies are shifted around. The only thing that bugged me, which often shows up in platformers, is the need to stretch how far or high you have to jump to barely make it on to a platform. I felt like I had to refreeze the blue guys over and over to get them at just the right height. Other than that, fantastic game.

Pretty good game

The style was great, I love old video games. I also really liked the skills and upgrading them. I wish there was a little bit more in terms of the story, but it was good enough.

You gain exp based on the damage you do, you you're best off putting all points into damage unless they are momentarily needed elsewhere.

Ending #1: Turn back at first boss, don't fight him.

Ending #2: Rush back to your love. Don't go back and fight the first wizard/second boss.

Ending #3: Go back and kill the first wizard before seeing your gal.


I really liked it but when i got the first key i couldnt get through the door, and i ignored what it told me when i got to it so i didnt knw how to open it then i had to restart and figure it out, but that was my mistake not the games so 10/10!!!