Reviews for "Ancient Powers NX8"

perfect adeventure game!!!

This is just the way i like! Sounds and graphics are perfectly fit! Good enough storyline! Keep up the good work!

good game except

i was climbing gown a ladder and when i hit x to burn a block so water would pour down i fell and its impossible for me to get back up and i cant go anywhere because the walls are too high!
please put some way for us not to be stuck!
like, finish the ladder or something!

Nice, only one request

Definately get your grammar checked by one other person. When you're trying to make someone feel something (sadness, emotion, etc.) it is ruined if your writing is noticably bad. I assume that your first language isn't english, but it shouldn't be too hard to just ask someone who is good at it to check your writing.

Example: "The time is never enough" -> "There is never enough time"

On a side note...

"And you're grammar was terrible!"

That sentence is humorously devoid of good grammar.

Overall Pretty Good

I agree with commando. This was literally a DIRECT rip off of Shadow of the Colossus. And you're grammar was terrible! But it was still a good game. Only problems I found with actual game play are 1: there's really no hint telling you how to unfreeze the one guy. I just had to figure it out. And 2: timing freezing the bats was horribly annoying.

One Big Complaint

Fun game and really unique style.

However, please don't ever make the ESC button quit the game without at least a confirmation dialogue. That sucked.