Reviews for "Ancient Powers NX8"


Loved it... although i have no idea what to do after getting the key in the water... i've walked everywhere and still nothing. It dosn't open the door by the Torch... ?


I really enjoyed it. It was entertaining and i dont see this undone latter i finished 2/3 endings Pretty fun and challengeing

Yep i agree

You should finish the ladder in the bottom, i also got stuck there. It was really annoying, so i just quit playing.

Excellent game

This was a great game and I certainly enjoyed myself. I really hope to see a squeal to this.

However, I did have to take a point off because there was a minor problem: Sometimes the character will keep moving when I let go of the keys.

Not bad, not great.

Fighting the enemies was a little bit too repetitive, and it would have been nice to know that you could redistribute XP after you assigned them. The story was vague, but interesting. The sound fit perfectly. I'm almost positive that you could insure replay value more interest in your game by making each ending a medal. All in all, this game garnered enough of my interest to complete one ending, however I don't expect to come back to this game. I say this earns a solid 7.3 stars. Definitely worth one play.