Reviews for "Ancient Powers NX8"

Better than I expected

Graphics arent enough to make a god game, and more than this, simple graphics like that make the game better for his style =), i got the finals in this order: 3, 2 and 1 hahaha. great game.


I did quite enjoy this game. However I kept accidentally booting myself by pressing escape. As the escape key is commonly used to quit menus or to open the main menu during play it could be wise to change its use in your game. Or have the game keep your progress, so an accidental quit doesn't penalize you.


walcktrough please :( i got stuck at a part

1. and 2. ending

i love this game it's awesome. but i got bored and i dont have time for ending 3. if anybody knows please tell me. i really want to know thanks.

2-3 Ending:Sacrifice.

Awesome game,see people?graphics isn't what make the game a good game.Nice gameplay!I really loved,and loved the powers/upgrades too, *-*
Just 1 thing:after clearing the game for the first time,the game gets boring. : /
Could not get the other 2 endings,cuz it was really boring doin' it all again,but,great game...i'll give u a 9! =D

(Sry for the bad english,i'm Brazilian,not american.)xD