Reviews for "Ancient Powers NX8"

this has jaded my review, key issue

I have sat and killed the 3 creatures over and over till i had my fire maxed out, I see the key over the entrance but do not know how to get it . The frozen guy I assume has to be un-froze with the cold power since the fire doesnt do it. If anyone could tell me how to get the other key for the door that would be awesome.


that's very original!
we don't see that kind of game very often.
for those who don't knox how to customize: use the arrows from your keyboard.
left-right add or substract points, up-down choose skill.

Good game..

But how do you unfreeze that guy at the begininng!!!
He keeps saying that it hurts....

very nice game

"It was on the right side of the screen, towards the top. I didn't know how to go forward because there weren't any enemies to freeze and jump on, and no blocks to destroy or anything. There was just a pool of water and a broken ladder that I couldn't get up.
I tried going back, but there was a frozen enemy preventing me from falling back down."-TharosTheDragon

You can climb the broken ladder, just hold up untill he jumps and press up again to grab the bottom of the upper half. it takes a tiny bit of skill.

As per my rating awesome game, got ending 3 but a few issues with the movement kinda makes me dread a replay. I love the story, the music could use a lifting to the next gen (it kinda hurts the ears lol) and i found a small bug in the movement mapping. The music i can mute, but when i move forward and try to jump at the same time, it never jumps (makes a problem with the gaps near the start and mid-level) normally I'd give a 10 but the jump feature costed me 7 deaths. over all its a great game, i hope to see more soon! 8/10 5/5

Nice game

Lot of interesting aspects. However I'm confused how to customize the abilities. I press z to open the menu but what do I do from there? I tried clicking on the + and - signs but nothing changed. Clicking on the empty boxes also resulted in no effect. I tried just continuing to raise my skill and it did result in an extra damage point at skill point 8 I think but doesn't let me customize it.