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Reviews for "Untitled Piano"

Piano Ambience

And searching back on your page I see a new song. Another great suttle peice. Very light heartedly suttle, simple and yet at the same time very atmospheric. With backround sounds echoing behind the piano it creates a great sense of....well atmosphere. Another great peice Gillenium. Great work my friend.


Gillenium responds:

Thanks! I've been having a major composer's block as of late. I'm mostly been working on a DJ mix because I can't think of music to create myself, lol. I think this piano piece was the first step in jump-starting my creativity again. I'm still a little depressed at how few people bought my cd :(

Nice and minimalistic :)

Nice piece, I just didn't like the piano lol. It would've sounded nicer with some el-piano, rhodes or some spacey keys of some sort. Either way, great glitchy, electronic ambience in the background. I like that reverse thing in the beggining. It went into my head. Great track!

5/5 I 5'ed your last 5 song to help out a bit. Not to sound like a bitch or anything, some bitch voted 3 of my tracks 0, lol. If you could, vote em' up for me please. The songs are blanket, gravity and going home. Anyways, happy to see that you're still submitting.

Gillenium responds:

Aight, partner. I 5'd the songs you listed there and also Tea Party with the Stars cause that's my fav. I don't usually vote or review songs on NG except in special circumstances, but I am always listening. I think you're one of my favorites at the moment. Pat yourself on the back :D Thanks for the review.