Reviews for "Customize an M4 II"

Just the scope of the gun.

I truly can't wait for Create A Gun IV. By the way, right click and click play as many times until you see the easter egg. :)

Where's the egg?

Can somebody tell me where the egg is?

the easter egg

i have found the easter egg bro


i made a laza gun

Great, like Create a Gun 3

But like that, you need some improvements. I love those multicolored laser sights, and how you can put the sights, or the iron Hand Rail grip/Sight on the top, and how we can put the main grip and a front grip as well. I think the only thing is to turn parts around and at angles, because I saw what looked like a bipod stand, that didn't fit unless the gun was aiming upwards to the left.

Also, you should have the ability in the game to bring certain objects forward, as in the ability to put the heartbeat sensor on the right or left side. In create a gun, some things that looked like shotgun pump-grips were on the opposite side of the screen that the camera was facing, so...

Other than that, it's a great game... Sorry for such a long comment, but i'm just so riled up about the next game coming out...

And........ Was that a chainsaw bayonet I saw, or am I going senile before i'm 20?