Reviews for "Halo Reach: Armor Locked"

Not bad

Personally, I don't feel that you really got the main point of your argument across well enough. Still I get what you're saying. I love armor lock, but some people just abuse it. However, like the others, it is a completly legit armor ability with it's own advantages and disadvantages.

Armor lock lasts exactly 7 seconds (when fully used). It's also good for downing shields, this includes bubble shields and even holograms (yes, I tested both. holograms are essentially just walking energy barriers). It's EMP can also disable vehicles and, with proper timing, can even destroy some. Also you can look around during and snap-turn when exiting armor lock

However...you can't move, which means it's easy to get surrounded and out-numbered. Somone with good timing can place a grenade to explode just as one exits armor lock, with no time to excape. You can't armor lock in mid-air, even if your just up a little bit because of splash damage (the concussion rifle esspecially with its heavy slpash effect can easily subdue an armor locking opponent).

...yeah more stuff like this would have been nice and would have helped your argument. Of course, this is just my personal opinion...the proving your point thing that is, the rest is proven fact...(^_^)


kind of sad but ok
lets lock !!!

Well executed.

Everything came together perfectly, the humor, the action, and the emotions you were trying to convey. Well done my friend hope to see more like this from you.


Very proffesional

I loved the story setting, very dramatic.
I really would love to see more!

DoomzDayChikn responds:

appreciate your thoughts, and that makes me very proud to know the "feel" of my movie affected you. Thats what I was aiming for after all :P

Very awesome

I like this idea because i use armor lock over others because just for emergencies
such as grenades,shotgun,sword but i hate when people start using it cause you use armor lock efficient and then start copying you and spamming the living crap out of it.