Reviews for "Halo Reach: Armor Locked"


I had to watch this, since I just recently bought Halo : Reach.
Good work! Like Warbandit87 said, the camera angles/panning/zoom was what really made the video good.
The story involved was good as well, plenty of humor in the battle, as well as when Mr. Dad acivated and got "locked" in Armor Lock (Haven't done much online play on Reach, but AL is my favorite upgrade (next to camo) in campaign).
A touching end too, the boy grew to what looked to be an adult sized shadow.
One thing that got me though, was that the spartan was still alive in there after many years without nutrition O.o Well, they do say "Spartans never die, they just go MIA." XD
Nice work, and happy animating.


If he got stuck, can anyone tell me how he managed to sire a child? I mean, the baby showed up after we were told specifically it was 'Years'. Last I heard, that kind of thing took nine months...

Awesome flash, though... lol...

DoomzDayChikn responds:

the baby was born while he was in armor lock and so the nurse came and brought it to him. Pretty easy to understand I would say...



Totally original, BUT ONE FLAW!

I've gotta say though, it was the camera work. Your perspective was absolutely wonderful, all the way through zooming and focusing.

One little complaint: when he reads the note, it says,
i love you,

it looks like its from the dad. dont worry, it wasnt bad enough to merit a 9.

not that thats bad, anyway.

DoomzDayChikn responds:

yeah, i thought some people would think that too. Hopefully, one can infer that the doll left there too was from the boy, and thusly, the note was from the boy. Thanks for the not breaking it down to a 9 though lol