Reviews for "Halo Reach: Armor Locked"

Beautiful piece of Flash!

I Found the Story while very simple, it often falls lackluster in it's application of this of dramatic tool, I felt this was not the case in this flash, I found the pacing to be very sharp and allowed it to flow much more naturally then the normal flare on this site. Your selection in music was spot on for the emotion you where trying to convey to the viewer. The level of detail of the flash was very well done and considering the limitations of flash I feel bonus codo's are in order.

My one qualm with this flash was the selection of Helmets used in the flash for the other Spartans, they all seemed to blur together in more ways then one, I while I am aware that Most of the helmets tend to blur together in Halo Reach, I felt some of the more Unique Helmets would have provided more of the Standard "Halo feel", While I realize that this might makes things difficult on a artist yourself, I feel this distracted from the overall feel of the flash and pulled me out of the overall experience.

In Summary,

Very well done, Could have used a few more unique helmets floating around, But exceptional none the less, and if you choose the continue this story I look forward to more of your submissions in the future!

So beautiful

Your movie has comedy,action, and things that make you just cry. You have made a flash which makes people with a heart made of stone soft. Anyway whoever thinks this is terrible are stupid + likely to be assholes.

DoomzDayChikn responds:

agreed. Most Newground users are very hard to please. Thank you for your appreciation of film

Deeper than just guns.

This is by far one of the best videos on Newgrounds. Great art style throughout, exciting at the beginning, funny in the middle areas, like the camping, and Spartan TV's congratulation on picking Armor Lock. It became serious towards the end as the child is born, then revisits his father, and anyone who continues after the credits can't help but smile. I loved the video and it is one of the only ones that I ever rated a 10. I'm looking forward to more submissions. One thing I noticed, whether it's a metaphor, foreshadowing, or just an accident, I noticed the Spartan's Motion Sensor showed a red dot directly on top of him. Any particular reason for this?

DoomzDayChikn responds:

I am very appreciative to have your 10 then sir :P

an no particular reason for the motion sensor, may have actually just been a mesup in drawing for all I know lol thanks again

Really Awesome!

Wow the best Halo movie i have seen on newgrounds the Parodies were funny but this movie has emotions and action that's really great :) and the animations are not noobis they are quite good. I hope you will make lot's more of this kinda movies ;D Keep up the great work mate.

DoomzDayChikn responds:

thankee thankee :P

Touching movie dude.

Was fantastic. It shows sadness behind what is good. It shows what happens when you do something wrong or act like a noob. It shows that while everyone else moves on, your standing still, alone, not knowing what will happen next. When I saw the scene where the kid tryed to touch the helmet of the Spartan, and the Spartan's helmet went dark, it was heartbreaking to see the kid cry. The kid obviously looked up to the man in the Spartan suit or the Spartans themselves, and when you see that tear go down his face, it's just sad to see that happen. Very Good movie nontheless, great detail, good music, 10 out of 10. Please make more movies about people who either overuse or use the other inabilities in a...bad/incorrect way. Thank you and once again, Great Movie!
~DeDustFan16~ ( DeDustFan16 )

DoomzDayChikn responds:

you hit the nail right on the head in terms of exactly what I tried to portray. I would like to give YOU a score of 10/10 for your intelligent review and appreciation of a story's concept lol Great job sir and thanks a million :P