Reviews for "Halo Reach: Armor Locked"

Great Flash... Deep Meaning... Well Done. ADD MEH

The point you were pushing for is basically a well know fact, but let me explain something to you dude all Load-Outs for this game have there own special purposes and can counter one another. You must understand experience level also comes into play when in-game. To fully comprehend the situation you must first think of the objective, which is to counter armor-lock; simple right, think again; there are so many variables when playing a 3-D game its hard to really tell exactly how noobish a player really is. For example if some one is spamming armor-lock, wait for them to come out of it and assassinate them, or you can just call them a pussy faggot son-of-a-bitch duech bag dick sucking spamming peice of shit when back in the lobby. Look what I'm saying is learn how to counter noobs and choose wisley with your weapons and make sure your timing is perfect or at least medi-ocre. Using myself for an example I will explain exactly how Pros use armor lock un-noobishly like. I start by picking up the DMR and throwing myself in the midst of battle. If I see danger and my armor is in critical condition I will then thrust a rocket punch into my wrist turning on my armor-lock. While waiting for my shield to run out I plan ahead trying to put my self 3 steps in front of any other player on the other team. When coming out of armor-lock, I use the ability called armor melee which Im pretty sure none of you noobs would know about LOL. "Armor Melee or Armor Punch is when you melee someone just as your coming out of armor-lock, its an instant kill. OH YEAH!" Anyways great animation and storyline and thanx for letting me share my opinion with you about this topic. Dont hate on me bro, I fucking despise spammers to, but I learned how to Literally Ass Fuck'em from some one all you gotta do is send me a friend request on my brand new account.
P.s. -the 0 in 0ps is actully a zero "DeMorel 0ps"

DoomzDayChikn responds:

Ladies and gentlemen....

The solution to life.


Although I have no idea what armor lock does since I <3 Holograms. But this flash
really touched me :(

DoomzDayChikn responds:

I am glad to have been the one doing the touching


I was expecting to lol at this but wow. for a halo themed short I found that to be touching. I love how our main red character stands out in his amount of detail and everyone else looks like after thoughts though. THAT made me chuckle!

DoomzDayChikn responds:

heyyy they weren't after thoughts!!


maybe they were, i dunno. lol

Me gusto

y yo tambiĆ©n odio a los que usan el bloqueo me desesperan que lo usen los pros cuando es principalmente para los novatos pero muy buena animaciĆ³n


This makes people think what if that happend to my dad and you start thinking all kinds of stuff like what are you going to say to him. :(