Reviews for "The Auto-Tuna Fish"


Cool. 5/5.

damn.. it suits it.

fishes pee though their skin?? learnt something new today.!

Pjorg responds:

Note that I labeled the genre as "informative."


This was quite basic, the only movement that was involved was the transition for the tuna and the lip synching. Quite basic. The song wasn't even that great and the comedy was very poor.

I know you all can animate well so try involve movement and a bit more animation.


5/5, very generously

Pjorg responds:

Quite basic.


I love this kind of humor, try to find a other theme to work on, love to see more of you.

Pjorg responds:

I'll take care of that scent soon. Promise.

I laughed very hard

because IT WAS FUNNY

Pjorg responds:

sound logic.