Reviews for "The Auto-Tuna Fish"

And so, the world shall know...

That Auto-tuning makes you sound like a whiny jerkbag with a lisp and that this flash is amazing. T-Pain can go find something else to murder. Maybe he and "the thing that shall not be named that is initialed JB" can go record something together and rape more ears for a couple of months.

I just damned us all, didn't I? D:


Screw T-PAIN, No skill. Flash was funny.


I think this is the best thing submitted today! This was a hilarious idea and I totally agree that auto-tune makes people sound like whiny jerks. The fishermen will probably just throw that damn fish back in the water, though. So, maybe you should make a sequel where he sings some more and then a shark gets him instead. That'll fix him.

P.S. - The only thing that might have been left to be desired was that the other fish didn't say anything back. I mean, you'd think that the other fish might have gotten all pissed off. But I won't take any points off for that.


"This guy has the most depressing user page... check it out."
hey what you expect? he's just 15yo. At that age i was listening to Kelly Fammily :P
mistakes of youth


That was pretty funny for a tunafish that speaks wierd. Good job! ^^

And yes, the guy below me has a very depressing userpage...