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Reviews for "Keep Running Keep Jumping"


I'm agree with last comment)very addicting and beautiful!

Lots of fun

It's a pity that this did not get points for its medals as I could easily see this becoming popular on the website. For people who are always looking for medals (like me) this was a hidden thing to play. It was really cool with how funny the animation was. The guys are basically just heads with stick arms and legs. The best thing is that the premise is so simple and I do not think you can lose simply by going behind. It was also a great idea to have those things that helped you out.

It was cool to just look at them, because they contrasted with the character design. Actually, every design seemed to contrast with itself, even the ledges the player is on. I thought they might have different abilities for each block, but they are apparently just there for show. It is also cool to see the guy drop from Heaven back into the game. This definitley has really good spirit to it.


i like this game

after a while

i wanted to fucking punch the guy wearing the fez

Addicting and fun platformer

This is a fairly decent platformer , the power ups and increasing speed is great , the music is awesome and the characters are funny , my only problem is that the platforms have random colors and sometimes it is just sickening , a more solid color scheme would have been better , still a great and addicting game though !