Reviews for "Keep Running Keep Jumping"


I restarted and the man with the hookah said that I was some kind of god, and then I managed to get all the power ups in like the first 5 seconds of a run and just flew, lol.
This game is really simple yet highly enjoyable =D

Materialist129 responds:

Hookah man knows all!

Glad you liked it!


this game is sick. i noticed that your number of double jumps should save up but it hasn't worked for me. Also, I think that the power ups should not have a time limit, but they should run out when you hit an obstacles and/or go back to 0 mph. When you collect all the items and get fly mode, the music should change and you should feature a guitar solo by me. Lastly, I think the main character should be comically drawn tire that makes car noises. Just some thoughts for the sequel.

Materialist129 responds:

Do you mean the acheivement? Thats for double jumping /into/ other double jumps. Sadly, one double jump is all this little guy can hold.

I'm glad you liked the game!

Game's awesome.

I spent a solid hour playing this game easy. So simple, yet so challenging, and still, so much fun. Kudos.

Good game! it's addicting and fun, and i like the art style. Also, 1/2 a point for the fez. Because fezzes are cool! :)8

Medal issues?

Some of your medals are glitched--at least the "Seriously... turn around" thing is. I can't get it, although I've went over 1000 backwards... twice. And it hasn't worked. I DO love this game though. It's really addicting and I love the Prince.
But if you could fix the medals (at least that one--I've worked hard for it. :( ), that would be great.

Materialist129 responds:

Fixed, but I think they have to approve the new version (which might be a while)..