Reviews for "Keep Running Keep Jumping"

Almost as good...

As the game with the llama a couple of days ago.


I'm agree with last comment)very addicting and beautiful!

Total Win

Very Addicting, Very Good!


Materialist129 responds:



You need to change the audio sync type from "event" to "start". As it is the song plays mutiple times over itself, and adds a new copy of the audio every time it restarts.

Gameplay is fun, but that audio replication error is making a horrible noise (I died like five times already).

Materialist129 responds:

Is it the background music that is replication? The sounds are triggered with events in actionscript, so you shouldn't ever be hearing more than one. Not sure what you mean about audio sync type, I create a sound object and trigger it using play, adding an eventlistener to create the same sound once it stops playing.

Are you using Vista? We had a little trouble with that while betaing.


I like the idea, but played for about 10 seconds and theres no replay button to start over!

Materialist129 responds:

What do you mean? Just head left!