Reviews for "Keep Running Keep Jumping"


i like this game

Fun game

do like Apple does
Keep it nice and simple, and you guys did that :D i'm a artist too and i wish i could be a part of a game like this :D

I give it 8/10 because it is a hell lot of fun! :D
and i kept playing this for at least a hour maybe too XD

why you dont get 9 or 10 is probably because you offend did not get far, and needed some action, and maybe a bit better artwork, it was good but i think it could be a tiny bit better :)


you ahve to play this its so freaking addicting i just kept playing for the medals! fun and very addicting! a must play to all those medal achivers!lol

Game's awesome.

I spent a solid hour playing this game easy. So simple, yet so challenging, and still, so much fun. Kudos.

Medal issues?

Some of your medals are glitched--at least the "Seriously... turn around" thing is. I can't get it, although I've went over 1000 backwards... twice. And it hasn't worked. I DO love this game though. It's really addicting and I love the Prince.
But if you could fix the medals (at least that one--I've worked hard for it. :( ), that would be great.

Materialist129 responds:

Fixed, but I think they have to approve the new version (which might be a while)..