Reviews for "garfrield da cat"

sorry but this sucks

1, use speech bubbles.
2, take drawing lessons
3, use an actual animating program. this looks like this was drawn on ms paint or something
5, use better plot
6, use better preloader art
use these tips and the flash will 100% better

god aweful

however, lasagna is magical and that burp was epic. i loled a bit


that was pretty bad....

garfrield-da-cat responds:

im sorry


What I love is that Tom Fulp faved this ;)

I love Garfield and even though the animation was shitty, it was awesome, lol.
I gave you a four out of five for shits and giggles and a 6 out of 10 overall.
Make more please xD


It has all horrible. Maybe thats what makes it so funny!