Reviews for "garfrield da cat"


Sometimes i don't know how some flash movies appear in front page, i really don't know how this happen. It IS that BAD? Deserves a front page because of this? If someone got the answer, tell me.
As for the flash, i really don't understand anything that happens there. You know, some artists like RoggerioRoger don't draw like a Pixar Artist, but he has something you really gonna to learn: Creativity.
So... Really... Try to improve you style, and i hope not to see anything more annyoing than that, no ofenses.

Activate Critisism!

Just for the fact that I've tossed about with flash, and personally know how taxing it is to make every single frame, even something walking in a straight line or waving I can't be bothered with.

So I can give you kudos on getting further then I would have

the sound effects and voice acting, I felt, were lazy
I'm not going to say they were unbearable (sans the chewing bit that nearly made me deaf) But I feel as though you could have done a better job
sure your mic may suck, but if that were the case, why make a flash with voice acting?

I'm not going to call the unbound construct if imagery a "story"
but from what little continuity you provided I could tell you were going for the "Clock Crew-esque" type of flash
the type that you crank out, that makes little sense and--comparatively speaking--took a small amount of time and effort, just for the sake of seeing peoples reactions
or trolling

but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt
Hope you can improve on your style



I like that you added the do not add instructions in that first frame, super funny

You get 2

2 points only because you left the "do not leave in video" screen in the video.

I'll try to be as nuetral as possible.

It wasn't hard to recognize Jon for who he was, but Garfield was done lazily.
Voice-acting...well, it is not as if the original show is on anymore, so you probably had nothing to base an imitation off of. Still, it could have been better.

Animation...not the best I've seen, but your reaching the best I've seen would probably take ALOT more experience than you've got. (Judging by the amount of videos you've posted). Try to keep the limbs below the screen's edge when you haven't fully connected them to the body. Doing so elicits less complaints from people.

Coloration...lazy, but not outright terrible. Lines on Jon actually were not bad. On Garfield, however, had WAY too much black for his expression when he ignored Jon and ate the lasan- oh screw it. when he ate the food. Take out a handful of the lines.

Sound effects= Fitting, I guess.

Setting= Garfield and Jon live in a sort of...what's the word the crappy live-action movies used? (I don't recall, so I'll use something else.)
A neighborhood Development. There would have been other houses nearby, and a fence encircling the house if not a neighbor's house on the left and right.

Story= If not for where Garfield flipped him off, would have been fitting.
overall, on the scale of 1 to 10, I've give you a *See star rating*. My reasoning for this is that I think you actually tried, otherwise you'd have done this the way Fatbadger did his movies. Which is to say, you've have given it a title that fans look to expecting something at least mildly interesting, then made some random shit up to mock and insult them and probably hurt their ears, and maybe give them a seizure if they're sensitive to flashing lights.
While I didn't actually LIKE it, I did not hate it. When your skills improve a bit (if you have the time) redo it, and re-post it, and I'll give you a higher rating.