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Reviews for "Love4Dead"

why couldn't i look away?

That was GROSS. Oh man, watching a zombie get turned on is just not sexy, but I could NOT look away. Nor could I stop laughing, aha. I'm really glad you decided to finish this one. It was just too hilarious for you to keep to yourself. Way to go.


I love how choach screams help, good use of game sounds and animation was awsome


That was hilarious. Feel kinda bad for Coach though. But then again.....he WAS asking for it. ;D


when the aombie bitch came out i was like HOLY CRAP then the guy started striping i was like wtf then the zombie started doin shit i was like ok... then the guy died i was like HAHAHAHAHHA 10 stars


Omfg that was so good. xD I couldn't stop laughing. Keep up the good work :D